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Review This book has really reduced my preparation time. ?Activities such as 'Guess the Question' have really gone down well with my classes. ?Heather Mullett, British Council, QatarI have just bought your book ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults. I think this is a fantastic addition to any language learning resource and the fact that you are willing to provide the time in explaining or sharing your knowledge with us via e-mail is fantastic, generous and gratifying.?I love the games in this book and although I have a few years' experience I never would have thought so many language games could be found in one small book. Thank you so much. I have shared some ideas ?with my colleague today who is a new ESOL teacher and they are so simple to follow she was also impressed and has expressed in delight in them too!?Linda Situn, Lecturer, Walsall College, UKI thought I must write to you and let you know how invaluable I am finding the various publications I have bought from you.I recently taught a course of a class of Chinese / English teachers / Administrators, and sometimes their children ! ?This course lasted 6 days and I found myself teaching anything from 5 students to 30 students, it all depended on what day it was, what commitments they had elsewhere and if they couldn't come they would send their kids instead ! Shelley, your books were my complete source of activities for the entire 6 days. I managed to keep the classes 'moving' all the time and involved everyone in talking and listening and writing and some reading.Shelley, these books are like Bibles for me now, and I consider the cost to buy them from you was a great investment.?Colin Macpherson, Expert English teacher in Zhuzhou city, China.As a result of your games, I managed to greatly enliven the learning process which led to satisfaction on both sides.?Tatyana Potapova (ELT), Izmaylovskaya Gymnasium #1508, (Language School) Moscow, Russia.Afraid to abandon the old methods...the beginning of my new life as a teacher?I keep being a bit afraid to 'abandon' my books and school material, but from time to time I use the games in your book for a change. My?pupils really appreciate it?and I see them change. When I use a game, they are happy and?all participate. When I follow my 'normal' workbooks, they are rather bored. This week a pupil came to me saying that I always should use games, because they also learn that way and it is much 'cooler'.?That's why I always keep your book ready! ?This book is the beginning of my new life as a teacher.?It should be compulsory for every teacher. Try it out and feel the magic! Shelley, the person and the writer, is my favourite resource when I need advice.?Katia Bekers, Han sur Lesse, Belgium Read more From the Author Be sure to contact me for your free printable templates and with any questions.?I'm here to help you make a success of your teaching.All the bestShelley Ann VernonTeaching English Games Read more See all Editorial Reviews