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Review ?This excellent collection of foundational and groundbreaking readings in feminist philosophy displays the impressive breadth of feminist contributions to the field. A fine reader for introductory as well as more advanced courses.? Marilyn Friedman, Washington University ?An invaluable survey of philosophical responses to central questions in feminist theory. The editors? crystal-clear introductions and astute choice of readings offer the professor an unusual degree of pedagogical flexibility.? Louise M. Antony, Ohio State University Read more Book Description Feminist Theory: A Philosophical Anthology addresses seven philosophically significant questions regarding feminism, its central concepts of sex and gender, and the project of centering women's experience.The volume's well-chosen essays contemplate the nature of sexist oppression; the sex/gender distinction; how gender-based norms influence conceptions of rationality, knowledge, and scientific objectivity; feminist ethics; feminist perspectives on self and autonomy; whether there exist distinct feminine moral perspectives; and what would comprise true liberation.With its introductory overview illustrating the development of feminism as a philosophical movement, this book can serve as a useful text in any philosophy course as well as a stand-alone text for a course in feminist theory.. Read more See all Editorial Reviews