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Review 'Le Normand-Romain, former curator of the Mus?e d?Orsay and Mus?e Rodin, offers a large-format, lushly illustrated book worthy of its subject...The pairing of scholarship and imagery in this major work makes it a definitive resource, of interest to both researchers and art enthusiasts.' ?Booklist'Le Normand-Romain has the credentials to create a definitive study...This truly comprehensive book, boasting 350 illustrations, would appeal to postsecondary students and sophisticated readers interested in European art.' ?Library Journal?A wealth of eye-witness accounts and . . . short, well-paced chapters combine enlightening knowledge and a feel for narrative not often found in this type of book.? ?T?l?rama Read more About the Author Antoinette Le Normand-Romain has been Director General of the National Institute of the History of Art in Paris since 2006. She specializes in French sculpture of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including the work of Rodin and his partner Camille Claudel. Le Normand-Romain was a sculpture curator at the Mus?e d'Orsay and for twelve years at the Mus?e Rodin, where she undertook a new catalog of the collection. Read more See all Editorial Reviews