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Review 'The authors are to be congratulated on a well-integrated study presented in a handsomely produced book with valuable graphs, tables, and illustrations.' Technology and Culture, Kenneth S. Mernitz'...the story that emerges from this volume is both scholarly and compelling, exposing the extensive detil of primary sources to further interpretation by informd and lay readers alike.' Business History Review, Jeremy Leaman, Loughborough University, UK'Well-written and researched, this volume has excellent indices of archives, corporations, persons, products and processes, and subjects, as well as a full bibliography. This is a major contribution to business history and the history of modern Europe.' Carl Strikwerda, The College of William and Mary, Journal of Social History'this comprehensive new history of BASF will serve as the basis for subsequent research on the firm. It offers a cornucopia of information concerning not only the company's internal structure, personalities, and technological initiatives but also the relatively inaccessible area of anticompetitive behavior.' - Alfred C. Mierzejewski, University of North Texas'German Industry and Global Enterprise is informative. Business historians will certainly find it useful as a micro-study that provides insight into how this massive chemical concern developed and maintained a market for its goods for nearly a century and a half.' - L. M. Stallbaumer-Beishline, Department of History, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, H-NET Read more Book Description The corporate history of BASF offers a glimpse into the functioning of an industrial organization that has held its own on the market since 1865. Moreover, it reveals a good deal about the reasons for the extraordinary economic dynamics of the German empire and the enormous expansion of the world economy before World War I. It permits one to probe the origins and spread of the knowledge society, in which science and research-based innovation have become the key determinants of economic growth and social development. By the same token, BASF's history stands at the center of Germany's wartime economy during both world wars and highlights both its strengths and its weaknesses. Read more