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Review Out of Many is a fine synthesis of U.S. political, social, and cultural history, with splendid attention to region ... engagingly written and illustrated for students. ??????????? -Michael J. Pfeifer, John Jay College of Criminal Justice / History ? The text provokes student excitement by initiating interesting stories augmented by illuminating but not excessive details. The review questions enable students to prepare for class discussion and the recommended readings provide a starting point for students wishing to delve further in a particular topic. ??????????? -Dr. Deborah Welch, Longwood University ? The community vignettes are the most compelling feature of the textbook, marking this text as unique and at once scholarly and accessible. I admire these essays greatly and when reading them feel I myself am learning from some of the best scholars in the field. ??????????? -TJ Boisseau, University of Akron ? ?the overall presentation is very effective in every way. In the end that is the most important attribute. I would certainly describe it as one of the best textbooks on the market today. ??????????? -Burton Peretti, Western Connecticut State University ? ?an excellent text for instructors to use as they look for interesting information to add to their lectures. ??????????? -Thomas Clarkin, San Antonio College ? From what I?ve seen over the years, the authors of Out of Many have proven to be very responsive to changes in the field, regularly broadening their geographic focus, highlighting the experiences of a wider variety of historical actors, and more meaningfully exploring global forces that have impacted American history. Thus, its most compelling attribute would have to be its sheer ambition in attempting to remain as current as possible, and it mostly succeeds. ???????? -Jeffrey M. Schulze, University of Texas at Dallas ? It is an easy-to-read, engaging text that gives students the information they need without bogging them down in unnecessary details, and it doesn?t tell students how to think but rather gives them the information they need to draw their own conclusions. ??????????? -Cynthia Carter, Florida Community College at Jacksonville ? The main headings and subheadings help to navigate both instructor and student into a chronological and topical advance which both challenges and elevates critical thinking. ??????????? -Dr. John S. Leiby, Paradise Valley Community College Read more From the Back Cover More than 4 million students are now using Pearson MyLab products! ? Here are just a few ways MyHistoryLab can help you save time and improve results: ? Pearson eText ? Just like the printed text, students can highlight and add their own notes. Students save time and improve results by having access to their book online. ? Gradebook ? Students can monitor their progress and instructors can monitor the progress of their entire class. Automated grading of quizzes and assignments helps both instructors and students save time and monitor their results throughout the course. ? History Bookshelf ? This compendium of resources includes up to 100 most commonly assigned history works like Thomas Paine?s Common Sense , Upton Sinclair?s The Jungle , and Machiavelli?s The Prince . ? To order this book with MyHistoryLab access at no extra charge, use ISBN 9780205194476. ? Read more See all Editorial Reviews