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Review Programming in the Primary Grades is a valuable book for educators who want to share the powerful ?hard fun? of creative coding with younger students. Clear and practical advice and examples make this a resource that will be read and re-read as the learning journey unfolds. (Sylvia Martinez, Co-author of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom ( in the Primary Grades is a well written guide to inspire and guide elementary teachers in creating effective lessons that work in programming. Kids need to learn programming in elementary school and this book will help do just that. (Esther Wojcicki, Author of Moonshots in Education and Founder of Palo Alto High School Media Arts program)We live in a world where kids have the opportunity to invent and make whatever they can imagine. Programming in the Primary Grades is a valuable tool that gives kids the foundation they'll need to succeed in the future. (Adam Wilson, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Sphero) Read more About the Author Sam Patterson, Ed.D, is a K-5 technology integration specialist in Silicon Valley. Sam?s classroom is full of challenging and playful learning that puts the students and learning, not the technology, at the center of the lesson.For more information, visit Read more