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Review 'A gate barring success often needs but the right key. This book provides keys to unlock the learning?for those who always possessed the ability to learn. The knowledge, instinct, dedication, and passion of Karen Rooney gives a special clarity and power to her instructional recommendations. I wish my teachers had this book when I was in school.' (G. Emerson Dickman, Immediate Past President 2009-06-16)'A practical reference, this book adds to teachers' toolboxes of useful learning strategies. All students, whether or not they have learning disabilities, benefit from practicing how to learn!' (Patricia W. Newhall, Associate Director 2009-04-30)'Easy-to-implement strategies to successfully develop and maximize learning for all students.' (Loukea Kovanis-Wilson, Chemistry Instructor 2009-04-30)'Contains proven, practical, and explicit strategies that secondary students with learning disabilities can use to become independent and motivated learners. Wedding years of clinical experience with the most up-to-date research, Rooney provides teachers with evidence-based techniques they can use with their most difficult-to-teach students.' (Daniel P. Hallahan, Charles S. Robb Professor of Education 2009-05-12)'Having used Rooney's learning strategies for many years, I can affirm their high-yield effectiveness. Best of all, students enjoy this 'take charge' approach to their own learning. The strategies are logical, concise, and excellent for students to achieve improved understanding, retention, and?memory retrieval for concepts. This book is a must for teachers who want to help their students become independent, self-confident, and successful learners.' (Rebecca H. Aldred, Reading Consultant and Private Tutor 2009-05-21)'Karen Rooney's study techniques had a very profound impact on my academic performance. As a ninth- and tenth-grade student at a very competitive and academically rigorous private school, I studied long and hard to keep up with my peers, only to come up with mediocre results. After two years of hard work and little to show for it, I was discouraged and frustrated. My parents made an appointment with Dr. Rooney, who did diagnostic testing. Based on these tests and an understanding of my particular style of learning, Dr. Rooney taught me the techniques that would maximize the time I was putting into my studies. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Through Dr. Rooney's techniques, I was able to tackle more complex information while significantly increasing my comprehension. My grades and test scores improved dramatically, and I gained admission to every college where I applied. Not that I didn't have to continue to work hard, but Dr. Rooney gave me the tools that allowed me to leverage that hard work in a much more productive and efficient manner. Ultimately, Dr. Rooney taught me how to learn, and I strongly recommend her teaching strategies for every struggling student.' (Emily K. Bowles, Student 2009-05-27)'Dr. Rooney, you first put me on the road to success with the study skills you taught me. How they have paid off! Thank you.' (Patrick Marshall Higgins, Lieutenant 2009-06-11) Read more About the Author Karen J. Rooney is director of Educational Enterprises, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia. She has taught in both private and public sectors and was the educational specialist in a multidisciplinary clinic before becoming director of The Learning Resource Center and founder of The Attention Disorders Clinic. She is a past member of the national board of the International Dyslexia Association and is the 2007 recipient of the Rebecca Brock Richardson award. Rooney was selected to present a white paper on the importance of clinical judgment at the Learning Disabilities Summit in 2001, was a representative on the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities, served as the Children?s Action Network representative for the Division for Learning Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and participated in the Expert Work Group to develop CEC?s position regarding Response to Intervention. She currently is a past-president of the Division for Learning Disabilities of CEC and serves on the Steering Committee of the National Adolescent Literacy Coalition. Rooney provides direct services to children, adolescents, and adults who need to improve their performance. She conducts assessments, provides educational consultation, and teaches the program entitled Independent Strategies for Efficient Study. She also provides professional development on topics related to literacy skill development, learning disabilities, attention disorders, strategy training, and Response to Intervention. She has also published teaching materials such as Wordstorming: A Tutorial Program for Parents, Teachers and Tutors, Reverse Diagramming, and Independent Strategies for Efficient Study ? Upper Elementary/Middle School Level and is currently developing a booklet to facilitate communication between parents and their young children. She earned her PhD in special education at the University of Virginia (major areas: special education, psychology, research) and holds licenses in English, Grades 7?12, in New York state and English, Grades 7?12, as well as Learning Disabilities, Grades K?12 in Virginia. Read more