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Review Each lesson follows the same steps and thoroughly describes problem-solving steps for each skill....In addition, the Skillstreaming program stresses practicing skills outside the teaching sessions, encouraging group leaders and other staff to provide prompts, reinforcement, and feedback to students in a variety of settings. --Jennifer B. Ganz, Intervention in School and ClinicThe program is well-structured and easily adapted to student and teacher needs. Counselors and teachers are given a structured, but flexible plan for conducting a group of students in a positive learning experience. --Deborah R. Newman, Guidepost, American Counseling AssociationAn excellent guide for working with small groups and/or total classrooms on skills related to making the classroom a safe and secure place for optimum learning. --Jean V. Prosser, School Social Work Journal Read more About the Author Ellen McGinnis, Ph.D., has experience as an educator in public schools at both elementary and secondary levels. She has been an educational consultant to public and hospital schools and was Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Dr. McGinnis also served with the Des Moines Public Schools as the director of special education and principal at Orchard Place, a residential and day treatment center for children and adolescents with emotional and behavior disorders. She is currently Executive Director of Student Support Services for the Adams 12 school district in Thornton, Colorado. Dr. McGinnis has written a number of books and numerous articles on identifying and treating youth with emotional and behavior disorders. Arnold P. Goldstein, Ph.D. (1933-2002), was Professor of Psychology and Education at Syracuse University as well as Founder and Director of the Syracuse University Center for Research on Aggression. He authored over 60 books and more than 100 articles on aggression, prosocial skills training, and juvenile delinquency. He also served as Director of the New York State Task Force on Juvenile Gangs. Dr. Goldstein received many prestigious awards including the Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association's Commitee on Children, Youth, and Families; and the Senior Scientist Award from APA's School Psychology Division. Read more