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Review 'Dr. Hendershott has delivered a plan that transcends the educational field. He gives coaches, teachers, parents, and employers a nine checkpoint plan to allow wounded children and adults to flourish regardless of the environment.' --Dan Fuller, Teacher/Coach at Ashland High School, OH 'The entire book causes me to reflect on the reason that I became an educator and the opportunities that we have to impact the lives of our students. This book demonstrates that empathy is the single most important first step in building truly meaningful relationships with students, and it is often overlooked or misunderstood. We must take the time to truly know and appreciate students? circumstances if we expect to play a part in the transformation of their lives.' --Kerry Daugherty, Principal of Timberland High School, SC Read more About the Author Joe Hendershott has an extensive background as an educator and administrator in private, public, and higher education. He is the founder and president of Hope 4 The Wounded, LLC, an educational consulting business. Read more