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From the Back Cover Prepare with the Power of Classroom Practice. ? ?Take Practice Tests for each chapter of your text.? Completion of each practice test generates a study plan that is unique to you.? ?The study plan links to text excerpts activities with feedback, and videos and other media that can help you master concepts covered in your text.? Complete Assignments and Activities to apply text content to real classroom situations.? ?Authentic classroom video shows real teachers and students interacting, and helps prepare you for the classroom.? ?Explore the Building Teaching Skills and Dispositions exercises to practice and strengthen the skills that are essential to teaching.? ?Case studies offer real-life perspectives on common issues and challenges faced in the classroom.? ?Authentic student and teacher classroom artifacts provide you with the actual types of materials encountered every day by teachers. To order this book WITH MyEducationLab, use either ISBN:ISBN-13: 9780131381216 ISBN-10: 0131381210 Read more About the Author Marilyn Friend has been a professional educator for more than thirty years.? She has worked as a general education teacher and a special education teacher, as well as a teacher educator, researcher, and staff developer.? Her specific areas of expertise include collaboration among school professionals, inclusive practices, coteaching, and differentiated instruction.? What makes Dr. Friend somewhat unique is the balance in her professionals activities:? Although she is a university faculty member, she maintains close contact with elementary, middle, and high school professionals; and she helps educators in rural, suburban, and urban school districts to refine their practices for meeting diverse student needs.? Currently, she is a professor of special education in the Department of Specialized Education services at the Unviersity of North Carolina at Greensboro. Read more