Book Description

From the Back Cover Provides the best source of cross-categorical, practical strategies for teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings ? Including Students with Special Needs, 7/e provides practical help for understanding the legal and ethical bases of special education, while acquiring the knowledge about and skills to deliver effective instruction to all students. A cross-categorical book, it provides strategies that cut across subject areas, covering the content most needed by general educators and others working with students with disabilities and other special needs, and presents examples and vignettes to illustrate the concepts. ? Changes to the new edition include: Enhanced interactive eText is an affordable, interactive version of the print text that includes videos, interactive links to helpful web sites, and interactive chapter assessment quizzes. A streamlined Chapter 1 on key information related to understanding special education, presented in a way that is easily understood by novices to the field. The inclusion of a significant number of interactive elements, including videos, websites, and other materials that students can link to while reading to learn additional information, see a demonstration of a concept or skill, or find alternative points of view on key subjects. New student vignettes in nearly every chapter. Expanded and deepened coverage of RTI. A look at the Common Core State Standards. Read more About the Author Marilyn Friend has worked in the field of education for over 30 years in a variety of roles. In addition to teaching as both a special educator and general educator, she has worked as a teacher educator, consultant, and staff developer and currently is Professor Emerita, Department of Specialized Education Services, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her particular areas of expertise?the focus of her research, grants, teaching, writing, and work in the field?include inclusive schooling, co-teaching and other collaborative school practices, systems change, urban education, and family?school partnerships.? She is the author of Special Education:? Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals (Pearson, 2013), Co-Teach!:? A Handbook for Building and Sustain Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools (2nd edition/Marilyn Friend, Inc., 2014), and (with Lynne Cook, Ph.D.) Interactions:? Collaboration Skills for School Professionals (7th edition/Pearson).? She also is the co-producer (with Leonard Burrello, Ph.D.) of a video series, including Power of Two (2nd edition), More Power, and Instructional Power (all produced by Elephant Rock Productions). ? William Bursuck began his career as a general education teacher, and as a special education teacher and university teacher educator he has maintained an active interest in inclusive practices, publishing numerous research articles, successfully obtaining grants to conduct research, and publishing two books. Dr. Bursuck takes particular pleasure in providing classroom and future teachers with practical, evidence-based strategies to improve educational outcomes for students with special needs in this age of teacher accountability. He is Professor Emeritus, Department of Specialized Education Services, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is the co-author (with Mary Damer) of Teaching Reading to Students Who Are At-Risk or Have Disabilities: A Multi-Tier Approach (3rd edition/Pearson, 2014). Read more