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Review 'Miguel Palacios Lleras has written the authoritative work on the revolution that is underway to integrate human capital into our financial system. The book makes the dimensions of this revolution clear, and provides real impetus and inspiration to propel it to the next level in the future. The results for our society and our lives will be profound.' Robert J. Schiller, Yale University, and author of The New Financial Order and Irrational Exuberance'Little can be more important to the welfare of our civilization than finding ways to match educational opportunities to human capability. Too often, human resources are squandered by failure to make these opportunities available to deserving but poorly financed individuals. Investing in Human Capital describes an exciting remedy: equity investments in the fruits of educational investment. Although this idea is not new, it is virtually untried and this book more than any other shows in detail how to turn it into a successful reality.' Mark Rubinstein, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley Read more Book Description Financing Human Capital argues for the use of instruments in which students agree to pay a percentage of their income during a specified period of time in exchange for funds to finance their education. Such instruments are named 'human capital contracts' and the main difference with respect to loans is the variable value of the payments students make during the repayment period. The financial consequences of human capital contracts-risk transfer from students to investors and increased information regarding future graduates' earnings-make them an attractive alternative for funding higher education. Read more See all Editorial Reviews