Book Description

Author note: It seems with each year it gets more difficult to find that time to read a book because of how hectic life gets, so on that thought, I decided to break up Anxiety into 6 quick episodes which can be read while waiting in line or at a doctor or dentist's office.Author Warning: This episode also ends with a cliffhanger.With Margot still reeling from the shock of Jake’s secret, Jake knows he has days if not hours to find the antidote that can save him from an excruciating death. He is unwilling to reveal just how close to dying he is to Margot. As Jake’s will to survive falters, Margot frantically searches for a way to turn back the clock. Then Malcolm, equally frantic for the formula, shows up at Margot’s place. Malcolm’s one desperate act shocks them all and irrevocably changes all three lives.