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Review 'JADE SKY is a an ass-kicking action-fantasy that takes no prisoners. Lightning fast, brutal and way too much fun. Highly recommended!' -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling author of CODE ZERO and FALL OF NIGHT'JADE SKY is one of those all too rare reading experiences that just consumes you.... Freivald made a future so rich in detail and so full of life and energy that I couldn't help but lose myself in it. This is a book full of wild invention and even wilder action, yet grounded by a genuinely sympathetic love for the people who live there. Freivald has truly reached a new high water mark here, which is pretty scary considering that he was already so damn good.' --Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award?-winning author of PLAGUE OF THE UNDEAD'With Jade Sky, Patrick Freivald takes science fiction, the supernatural and action adventure, seamlessly combining the genres in a unique and page-turning thriller. He brings his world, characters, dialogue and narrative to life with skill and assurance that keep the reader turning the pages. Loved this book!' --Dana Fredsti, author of PLAGUE WORLD'JADE SKY rips like a bullet... or an entire armory of same. Cinch up your body armor and enjoy Patrick Freivald's blitzkrieg through dark trenches and the corridors of the human heart--I sure did.'--Norman Partridge,?author of DARK HARVEST'JADE SKY?delivers on its promise of action, suspense, and brutality, all with a decided supernatural twist. Matt Rowley is a worthy entry into the monster hunter/paranormal vigilante genre. Once you pick this book up, you'll find yourself loathe to put it down, as each chapter ratchets the thrills higher and higher.'--JG Faherty, Bram Stoker Award?- and Thriller Award-nominated author of multiple novels and novellas, including?THIEF OF SOULS, CARNIVAL OF FEAR,?and?THE BURNING TIME. Read more From the Author 'Jade Sky?is part action-adventure, part horror, part sci-fi and part urban fantasy, all woven into a very enjoyable story. ?I could see myself in the theater watching this on the big screen, chewing on some popcorn.'--Frank Michaels Errington's Horrible Book Reviews Read more See all Editorial Reviews