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Review 'Sleep State Interrupt is near-future cyberpunk done right, featuring a diverse cast in a disturbingly plausible future. In a world where corporate, political, and media interests are aligned, a few courageous hackers risk their lives to change the broken system.' ?-T. Eric Bakutis, author of Glyphbinder and Demonkin'Journalism is changing at warp speed. In Sleep State Interrupt, T. C. Weber gives us a glimpse into what covering politics might be like in the future. ?But as you'll see, even as technology changes, human nature doesn't. And that makes for a thoroughly enticing tale.'-John DeDakis, former White House correspondent, former editor for CNN's 'The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,' and author of the novels Fast Track, Bluff, and Troubled Water.'Exceptionally well written, Sleep State Interrupt is a gritty, darkly humorous techno-thriller with flawed, believable characters, a taut, compelling plot, and a lot to say about the present-day USA. Highly recommended.'- Zeke Teflon, author of Free Radicals'In Sleep State Interrupt, Waylee and her radical friends must run, hack, and cosplay to fight a terrifying concentration of power and cronyism. Readers will hold tight through Waylee's roller coaster states and cheer her on.'- Sherri Woosley, award-winning short story author Read more From the Author I've always been worried about the concentration of media and the decline of journalism, and the threats those trends pose to independent, critical thought and democracy. For Sleep State Interrupt, it was just a matter of inventing characters who would also be concerned about it, and adding details of a near-future world.?I lived in Baltimore and have been involved in music scenes and community organizing so it was easy to include those as background elements. The other locations as well. I have some experience with computers and video/news production. I consulted with experts to fill in the details, especially the tech-related ones. But a story is about people, and I let the characters, who are all pretty quirky, do their thing. If you read the free samples, you'll see it's a fun ride.? Read more See all Editorial Reviews