Book Description

College student and part time clothing store salesperson, Charlie Bolton, falls in love with a beautiful girl. She reciprocates the affection and passionate romance follows. It is then Charlie discovers the love of his life is the daughter of a Florida crime boss. The young man is drawn into a life of dope, murder and mayhem. Follow his metamorphose from a squeaky clean student into a hardened drug king pin. Watch as his girlfriend organizes a multistate marijuana operation, rivaling existing Russian mob territories. Can Charlie survive in this environment? Sam Hossler brings you an adventure story based in Florida. This is a one hundred eighty degree turn from his earlier books on historical fiction. Whether you agree with the legalization of medical marijuana or not, it appears Florida will join Colorado and Washington states at some later time. This book is not based on any facts, events or people, it is strictly a work of fiction. Author Hossler is a member of the Florida Writers Association, The Ormond Writers League, the Daytona Writers Group, and is a Senior Member of Outdoor Writer’s Association of America, You are encouraged to visit his web site for additional information