Book Description

SUPERNATURAL THRILLER BESTSELLER!!! The Cadwalader family fights to stop Armageddon as Hitler's occult beast ravages present-day Patagonia. When the creature attempts to found a Fourth Reich in the borderlands between Chile and Argentina, the Cadwaladers battle the supernatural soldier and its new Nazi master. Faced with the unholy spawn of the Third Reich, family members must decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice. Fans of James Rollins, Brad Thor and Stephen King will enjoy this novel! GRAB A COPY NOW!!! REVIEWERS RAVE! "Blending the occult, fact and fiction about Nazis, and South American lore, this book kept me up long past midnight!" - Northstar "The combination of history and storytelling is ideal for those who like suspense, intrigue and global adventure in a historical plot." -Scott Thorton "Compelling adventure! The mix of history and fiction is done very, very well." -Matthew Maglicic "Five stars!" -Numerous reviews BUY THIS THRILLER TODAY!