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From the Author An American in Beijing political thriller series set in contemporary China, jumps from one side of the country to the other.? In the next book of the series, Wounds of Attachment, Mai Martin travels from Sebastopol, California, where she has been stuck for months as the antagonistic forces yank her visa and terminate her employment, to Beijing, where her husband, Rick, is awarded damages for the treatment he suffered last year as a captive of General MA and his para-military gang. Mai is reunited with her Chinese lover, Ronald Zhao, and the unlikely threesome travels to Xi'an, with the North Koreans on their tail.? From there things escalate.? Mai travels back to Beijing while the weapons of mass destruction are beginning their transit from Pyongyang through Abu Dhabi to Mogadishu. 'I can't tell you everything!? I don't want to spoil it, but be ready to dive into a twisted tale of power, revenge, loss, patriotism and smuggling,' says Sha Li.?? Read more From the Back Cover In Wounds of Attachment, second in the series An American in Beijing, the stakes are ratcheted up.? Who is waiting for her and follows her to the train station?? The para-military gang led by double agent General MA is intent on revenge from last year's bust in Wenzhou.?? From the intelligence community: 'The author faced intense cyber scrutiny during the year she worked at a Chinese university. Many of the insights she gained from that experience is woven into this detailed work of fiction.? Ideal reading for any officer heading over to China on assignment.'? --The Intelligencer, the Journal of US Intelligence Studies. From readers: 'An enjoyable romp through contemporary Beijing full of intrigue and deception.? Who's working for whom?? Can you trust anyone?? I was compelled to keep reading as the story unfolded.? An added plus are the author's carefully drawn descriptions of the characters and the locales around Beijing.? Definitely worth the escapist read.' --Amazon Customer From China: 'A page-turner with its suspense enhanced from the author's authentic experience in Beijing in convincingly vivid details, and from the combined perspective of her being both an insider and outsider while struggling through the omnipresent cobweb there.? This book not to be missed for readers interested in mysteries in China.' --Qiu Xiaolong, author of the bestseller Inspector Chen series Sha Li asks, 'How can individuals maintain their integrity and identity when coerced by events and powers beyond their control?' Read more See all Editorial Reviews