Book Description

What do you get when you mix a beautiful gossip reporter; an amnesiac bag lady with a dangerously mysterious past; a forty-something, cranky, bumbling, New York private investigator with phobias about germs, animals, and most people; and a dog who defies description with a personality to match? A riot! Budding sleuth Alexander “Mac” McBee—who trained by watching re-runs of Magnum P. I., The Rockford Files, and other old detective series—needs an attitude adjustment, and his new partner Herr Schnoodle could be just the dog to reform him. Together the reluctant McBee and Herr Schnoodle must solve a series of neighborhood dilemmas, including discovering who bag lady Apple Sally really is before whoever’s after her catches up, while McBee tries to make his heart do what he wants it to. Can Herr Schnoodle help him there, too? Perhaps. No problem seems to be too large for this unlikely, loveable canine PI.