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Review 'THE RICH ARE DIFFERENT brings back the smooth Dakota Stevens with his keen eye for detail, gentlemanly behavior and general wisecracking and witty shtick that make him both charismatic and agreeable. Stevens narrates with insightful and humorous observations that bring the nostalgia of the detective noir style...Orcutt's writing is succinct, clear and smooth...Though clues are artfully revealed, the plot has several twists that keep the reader guessing in this charming sequel to A REAL PIECE OF WORK. (5 stars; IR approved)'?? IndieReader Read more From the Author Where did you get the idea for The Rich Are Different? The original manuscript that became this novel grew out of a trip I took to Montana in 2002. Besides seeing Yellowstone National Park and the vast Montana plains and wilderness, I visited several ghost towns, including Bannack, and Virginia City & Nevada City, MT. I saw what tourist attractions these sites can be, and I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool if some rich person created a modern-day Old West park?' I imagined such a place, staffed by actors, with a town and its own railroad, and then I imagined the owner of the place being murdered and his sister being an heiress on Long Island. I decided I wanted to write a mystery novel that also paid homage to two works I deeply admire: Westerns and The Great Gatsby. I wanted to contrast the East with the West in such a way that would make readers look at both places a little differently. I think I've accomplished that while also adding, in a modest way, to both the detective and Western genres. Read more See all Editorial Reviews