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Review Best Thriller, The Florida Writers Association'A fast-paced, entertaining thriller. An intriguing story. Well researched. Vivid descriptions. Interesting twists and turns. An excellent debut thriller! - Royal Palm Literary Award Judging Panel'A standout debut novel recommended for all lovers of thrillers and action books.?A great variation to the thriller genre. The author blended a detective storyline with a thread of the esoteric. The ending leaves you guessing. A well thought out story, with lots of action.' - Midwest Book Review Read more About the Author Charles A Cornell was born in England, raised in Canada and now divides his time between Michigan and Florida. After 35 years of global assignments on three continents, Charles A Cornell brings a diverse and unique perspective on business to his fiction writing. His novels are mystery thrillers carved from today's headlines, blended with action and intrigue, and cloaked in psychological suspense. Read more