Book Description

From Booklist Trixie Matkowski buys her aunt?s diner, cottage, and bait business in a small Maine town. But from the start, things go wrong. Trixie has to fill in as the overnight cook; then the local health inspector dies in the diner from poisonous mushrooms, prompting most of the customers to abandon the place. Trixie sets out to restore the diner?s reputation and determine what really happened to the health inspector. She finds lots of people who would like to see her out of the picture: the mayor, who is desperate to buy the diner, and Trixie?s competitors in the restaurant business, among them. Meanwhile, the attentions of attractive Deputy Ty Brisco prove distracting. Although the bad guys may be a little too apparent, the frame story about a woman trying to save her business is engaging. Readers who enjoy B. B. Haywood?s small-town Maine mysteries may also enjoy this series. Includes recipes. --Amy Alessio Read more About the Author Christine Wenger has worked in the criminal justice field and written romances for Harlequin. She?s always loved to read cozy mysteries, and is thrilled to bring the beauty of upstate New York to life in this series. Read more