Book Description

Veterans: Turn Your Ideas Into Income Online. Today, over 573,000 unemployed veterans want to work or start a business. Author, Allen Foreman, was one of them. This book empowers vets to create more American businesses and American jobs. Build, run and market your business online for high profit results! You will discover: Steps for structuring your business legally Ways to find help to build your online assets Resources for building your website Proven strategies for marketing online Techniques to get higher Google visibility Guidelines for making profit with social media Allen Foreman is a United States Marine Corps veteran and is known as The Online Business Technician. Since 2000, he has been developing and maintaining online businesses. He has been a webmaster and technical support specialist for a multi-million dollar company since 2008. However, things have not always been so positive. Injured during Marine Corps training, his employment options have been limited. After spending years trying to find jobs that would accommodate his condition, he found hope in computers and technology. He studied graphic design and web design in San Diego, Ca. and received a certificate in graphic design and multimedia in 2000. He worked for startup companies, but one by one, the companies failed because of lack of proper funding. He felt it was time for a change and decided to start his own business. After successfully working with clients one his own, he started to serve New York Times Best Selling Authors, radio & television personalities and award winning actresses. After 15 years of working in the online business field, he found that clients asked his the same questions about building websites and Internet marketing. Now, with this book, his mission is to empower thousands of small business owners to enjoy greater levels of success.