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Review 'The authors are consummate myth busters: birth order, research reveals, has little impact on personality, and the left-brain is as emotionally charged as the right. In this info-packed text, Aamodt and Wang offer some familiar advice (e.g., no videos for children under two) as well as some thought-provoking revelations.' ---Publishers Weekly Read more From the Author Sam Wang says: When Sandra Aamodt and I decided to write?Welcome To Your Child's Brain, we knew that there were many books on child development. But I only grasped the enormity of the situation when I was getting ready to become a father myself. What I found in the bookstore (and here at Amazon) was overwhelming. However, I also noticed that many books were not based on scientific evidence. As neuroscientists we realized we had something to add.Welcome To Your Brain is not just a parenting book - though it does have information that parents will find quite useful. Think of it as a book about how we become the adults that we are today. The core of that is childhood. If you wonder whether birth order affected your own personality, why you have musical talent (or lack it), or whether intelligence can ever be increased, then our book is for you.Some of you came to this site through our New York Times article on 'redshirting' kindergarteners. Our reading of the scientific evidence is that there is no long-term advantage to delaying entry to kindergarten - and some significant disadvantages. To read more (with links to technical literature), go to the top of this website, click on my name, find our blog, and look up our post on redshirting dated September 25, 2011. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Read more See all Editorial Reviews