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Review ***** ??You'll wonder where the yellow went...???June 24, 2013? ? ? ? ? ?By?J. Chambers ?: TOP 50 REVIEWER? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??It's a cute story with nice rhyming text as Luke's teeth try to persuade Luke's friends to take them, and the colorful illustrations complement the story very well. I think kids will get the message. ***** ??Excellent? ??July 9, 2013By Pen NameI am a pediatric dental assistant and since reading the book have shared the story about 10 times. The little kids love it imagining the teeth jumping from one animal to the next. They all thought it pretty funny. Read more From the Author Many children, in their young age and carefree attitude do not always understand the importance of having good oral hygiene. Sometimes, they are too preoccupied with playing and having fun, to listen to their parents when told to brush their teeth. And let's not forget all those sweets our kids eat!?The children's book ?'The Teeth That Looked for Another Mouth' is a book that carries an important message to children: brush your teeth, please. This story book is about Luke, a little boy who refuses to brush his teeth, day or night, causing his teeth to turn yellow and become dirty. That is, until one night when he encounters a strange dream.?What will Luke do when his teeth decide to look for a new mouth? Join him and find out about the adventures his teeth go on, in this wonderful story book that will keep your own imagination running and encourage your kids to observe good oral hygiene.? Read more See all Editorial Reviews