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Review A portable easy-to-carry-in-your-handbag notebook with room to accommodate information about both parents and up to three children... User friendly ... this book is a must-have for families. (Eileen Cornish San Diego Family Magazine)This portable, user-friendly notebook makes it easy to compile complete and accurate medical information for each member of your family. (Parents and Kids of Greater Boston)The 3-ring binder is just the right format for easy filing and accessibility, and it's small enough for portability. This 3-ring binder is just the right format for easy filing and accessibility, and it's small enough for portability. It's easy to transfer information, too -- just pop it out of the rings to leave it with a babysitter. (Georgia Family)What a great concept.... I love that the size is compact enough to carry in a purse to and from doctors' offices, and even pack for a family vacation. (Family Time, Lake County (IL) Parents)With the recent tornados in Alabama and flooding across parts of the country, I have started thinking about ways I can be better prepared for emergencies. I am really not an organized person, so I am excited about using Your Family Health Organizer binder by Jodie Pappas to help get myself more prepared. This is a 3 ring binder with tabbed sections for 2 adults and 3 children. Each section has a pocket for any special prescriptions or papers that you need to keep handy. Plus there are checklists for medications, medical history, dental, eye and ear records. For the children there are growth charts and checklists for developmental milestones. Each section has a page for family history and records of doctors visits and appointments. At the back of the binder, there are plastic pockets for insurance and social security cards, plus a larger ziploc type bag that I may use for birth certificates. Each of the pages are hole punched so you can easily remove them as needed. If your child has special prescriptions or medical directions that need to be followed, you can take the page out and leave it with a care giver or school nurse. (Real Life Deals 2011-05-12) Read more About the Author Jodie Pappas created this organizer to record the ongoing treatments after one of her twin girls was born with a medical condition that required extensive care. Each of the many doctors and specialists kept different records, and Pappas needed a single place to keep track of medical information for her entire family. Read more