Book Description

From Booklist The difference that makes this responsibly, reasonably, and clearly written patient's guidebook better than average is that it has useful tables--lots of them. This makes for easy access to summaries of the text that might be quite valuable in times of crisis or negotiation. Of course, the content and applicability of that text have to be good, and they are. Imagine your doctor says you need to see a cardiologist, and you're wondering just what qualifies a cardiologist to know more than your doctor: Tyberg and Rothaus offer a section on specialists with a table listing the educational and service-time requirements for becoming a cardiologist. Amazed by all the technological gewgaws in the intensive care unit? Chapter 20, rife with tables and lists of terms and definitions, explains them. Glossaries of equipment, procedures, and commonly used drugs and a chapter on home convalescence and home care services round out this practical, accessible guide. Mike Tribby Read more