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Review In these poems of disquiet and brilliant light, Brent Goodman gives us grief and gravel roads, love and not love, work, rage, war. There is pain here, and wiseass joy in these seldom visited places where the heart gives way and it's the mind furious, honest, playful, intent that knows compassion and reason and giving up reason. From the very first poem be warned. Surprise lives in this book, fierce verve and tenderness. --Marianne BoruchThis is utterly coherent, honed, incisive, articulate & often daring work. There's a full self here, eager to learn & survive, to make sense out of complex longing & grief by intimately evolving with them. Something's truly at stake, in the shorter opening pieces, the haunting brother narratives with their surging variations which ground the book, & the final expressionist proems which despite their struggle through darkness I find immensely energizing & joyous....This is really extraordinary work. --Neil N. MyersIn the first line of The Brother Swimming Beneath Me, his long-awaited and stunning debut collection, Brent Goodman announces: There is no afterlife. But there is: in poem after poem the eye plays beautiful trickswith everything it witnesses, and the past is resurrected in mind and heart. The book as a whole, not just its opening poem, becomes a potent secular prayer, one with sorrow at its heart. For a brother's early death haunts this book, and radiates out from the dazzling title poem at its center to cast its shadow on everything. Yet the author's firm craft and uncommonly mature vision transform loss to a complex, buoyant beauty. --David Graham Read more About the Author Brent Goodman's debut poetry collection, THE BROTHER SWIMMING BENEATH ME (Black Lawrence Press, 2009), was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and a Thom Gunn Award. His next book with Black Lawrence Press, FAR FROM SUDDEN, was published in 2012. A recipient of two Wisconsin Arts Board Fellowships, his work has appeared in Poetry, Diode, Green Mountains Review, Puerto Del Sol, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Pank, Devil's Lake, and elsewhere. Brent lives in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, where he's a professional copywriter, assistant editor for the online journal Anti-, and a certified Reiki Master teacher/practitioner. Read more