Book Description

Review 'The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats)?was an adorable and hilarious way to start the day! Check it out!!!!'?Tegan and Sara'Smart, funny, tender, sexy, hilariously inventive, and oddly educational...This is a must-read for anyone who's ever been there and done that.' ?Cheryl Strayed'Sharp, stereotype-mocking haiku alongside impossibly charming illustrations of cats.... The poems are humorous, and the illustrations amplify their whimsy, but they touch on serious questions.' ?Refinery29?I love Anna Pulley?s new book?it?s as casual and funny as a conversation with your best friend, if your best friend happens to speak in haiku and wants to tell you all about lesbian sex.? ?Lenny'Pulley and Beyer...illuminate the lesbian experience using 17-syllable poems and drawings of cats to great (and funny effect).' ?LA Weekly'You couldn't dream of a better title, or a perfect party conversation piece...OMFG. How have I lived my entire life without this book?.... Read it because it's big-hearted, sometimes cringe-worthy, but always fun, funny, and sweet.' ?BookRiot'A charming collection...the poems are vivid snippets of lesbian life and culture that will be very familiar to anyone who's ever lived anyplace with a thriving queer community.' ?Catster?[Pulley?s] insights into the trials and tribulations of queer dating, sex, and relationships are hilariously accurate?sometimes to an uncanny extent?. Kelsey Beyer?s delightfully subversive feline illustrations?are an apt accompaniment for Pulley?s uproarious poems.? ?East Bay Express?Expertly witty, punny, and gay?. Even if you think you?re not a poetry fan, or could care less for haikus, Anna?s inside jokes, astute observations, and informed opinions on queer woman and our very specific culture are all explored in accessible ways.? ?AfterEllen?A miraculous little tome?hilarious, heartbreaking, wise, and wondrous haikus and punny, funny cat illustrations to accompany them?. Kelsey?s cat illustrations are brilliant?one of the most subversive and hilarious things I?ve ever seen?. No matter where you are on your gay ol? journey, this book has something for you?if you buy it as a gift, you?ll end up keeping it.? ? Read more About the Author ANNA PULLEY is a writer in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in New York magazine and Mother Jones, on BuzzFeed, AlterNet, The Toast, and Salon, and in zines tastefully peppered with Ani DiFranco lyrics. She?s been a repeat guest on Dan Savage?s podcast, Savage Love, and is a sex and relationship columnist for the Chicago Tribune and AfterEllen. KELSEY BEYER is an artist living in Oakland. She specializes in prints, drawings, illustrations, and figure modeling. Her work has been featured on Foulmouth Greetings cards, in the National Queer Arts Festival, on The Toast, and in Gay Men Draw Vaginas. She has been moonlighting as the unofficial visual documentarian for the Bay Area?s favorite girl orgy since 2009. Read more