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Review In No Ordinary Time, Jan Phillips has packed a lifetime of AHAs - thoughts that suddenly give us clarity about ourselves and other selves, the world around us. You will keep sentences in your mind, on your bulletin board, in your pocket and in your heart. --Gloria SteinemJan Phillips weaves an intriguing and inspiring tapestry synthesizing the wisdom embodied in an ancient tradition with the spiritual awaking engaging sojourners of the 21st century. This book provides a creative synthesis from monastery to market-place, from monastic time to the sacredness of every day, and every hour therein. Jan Phillips has provided an inspiring resource for our time. --Diarmuid O'MurchuNo Ordinary Time is no ordinary book--prayer, profundity, tradition, and future all come together here in this excellent book--and well written besides! --Richard Rohr, OFM Read more About the Author Jan Phillips is an evolutionary artist, author, workshop director and social activist. She is also co-founder of Syracuse Cultural Workers, publishers of artwork for social justice and global consciousness. Jan has taught in 23 countries, made a peace pilgrimage around the world, produced 2 CDs of original music, and created several videos on the power of creativity to transform consciousness. Her other books include The Art of Original Thinking-The Making of a Thought Leader, Divining the Body, Marry Your Muse, God is at Eye Level Photography as a Healing Art, Making Peace, Born Gay, and A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind. As a performing artist/speaker, Jan brings music, poetry, and images to all her audiences, using the arts to inspire as well as inform. Blending east and west, art and activism, reflection and ritual, Jan s presentations provoke original thinking and evolutionary action. With stories, humor and cutting edge creativity, she connects the dots between science, spirituality and social action. No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides. from Marry Your Muse Read more