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Review To The United States Of America by Robert Seymour Bridges Trafalgar Square by Robert Seymour Bridges 1914: 1. Peace by Rupert Brooke 1914: 2. Safety by Rupert Brooke 1914: 3. The Dead by Rupert Brooke 1914: 4. The Dead by Rupert Brooke 1914: 5. The Soldier by Rupert Brooke Rouen; 26 April - 25 May 1915 by May Wedderburn Cannan How Sleep The Brave by Walter John De La Mare Motley by Walter John De La Mare The Assault Heroic by Robert Ranke Graves The Bough Of Nonsense by Robert Ranke Graves A Dead Boche by Robert Ranke Graves Escape by Robert Ranke Graves Familiar Letters To Siegfried Sassoon by Robert Ranke Graves Goliath And David by Robert Ranke Graves The Last Post by Robert Ranke Graves The Next War by Robert Ranke Graves Not Dead by Robert Ranke Graves To Lucasta On Going To The Wars For The Fourth Time by Robert Ranke Graves When I'm Killed by Robert Ranke Graves The Silent One by Ivor Gurney The Target by Ivor Gurney To His Love by Ivor Gurney To His Love by Ivor Gurney 'and There Was A Great Calm' by Thomas Hardy An Appeal To America On Behalf Of The Belgian Destitute by Thomas Hardy Before Marching, And After (in Memoriam F.w.g.) by Thomas Hardy Channel Firing by Thomas Hardy In Time Of 'the Breaking Of Nations' by Thomas Hardy The Pity Of It by Thomas Hardy Song Of The Soldiers by Thomas Hardy Then And Now by Thomas Hardy Epitaph On An Army Of Mercenaries by Alfred Edward Housman The Choice. The American Spirit Speaks: by Rudyard Kipling A Dead Statesman; Epitaph Of The War, 1914-18 by Rudyard Kipling For All We Have And Are by Rudyard Kipling The Mine-sweepers by Rudyard Kipling In Flanders Fields by John Mccrae Summer In England, 1914 by Alice Meynell Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen Apologia Pro Poemate Meo by Wilfred Owen Arms And The Boy by Wilfred Owen Disabled by Wilfred Owen Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen Futility by Wilfred Owen Greater Love by Wilfred Owen Insensibility by Wilfred Owen Mental Cases by Wilfred Owen Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen Break Of Day In The Trenches by Isaac Rosenberg Dead Man's Dump by Isaac Rosenberg Louse Hunting by Isaac Rosenberg Returning, We Hear The Larks by Isaac Rosenberg Blighters by Siegfried Sassoon The General by Siegfried Sassoon Haunted by Siegfried Sassoon In The Pink by Siegfried Sassoon The One-legged Man by Siegfried Sassoon Picture-show by Siegfried Sassoon Repression Of War Experience by Siegfried Sassoon 'they' by Siegfried Sassoon Trench Duty by Siegfried Sassoon The Troops by Siegfried Sassoon A Working Party by Siegfried Sassoon Route March by Charles Hamilton Sorley Sonnet (3) by Charles Hamilton Sorley To Germany by Charles Hamilton Sorley Adlestrop by Philip Edward Thomas As The Team's Head Brass by Philip Edward Thomas The Owl by Philip Edward Thomas A Private by Philip Edward Thomas Tears by Philip Edward Thomas This Is No Case Of Petty Right Or Wrong by Philip Edward Thomas -- Table of Poems from Poem Finder? Read more From the Back Cover Ironically, the horrors of World War One produced a splendid flowering of British verse as young poets, many of them combatants, confronted their own mortality, the death of dear friends, the loss of innocence, the failure of civilization, and the madness of war itself.This volume contains a rich selection of poems from that time by Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Isaac Rosenberg, and others known especially for their war poetry?as well as poems by such major poets as Robert Graves, Thomas Hardy, A. E. Housman, Robert Bridges, and Rudyard Kipling.Included among a wealth of memorable verses are Rupert Brooke's 'The Soldier,' Wilfred Owen's 'Anthem for Doomed Youth,' 'In the Pink' by Siegfried Sassoon, 'In Flanders Fields' by Lieut. Col. McCrae, Robert Bridges' 'To the United States of America,' Thomas Hardy's 'In Time of 'The Breaking of Nations,'' as well as works by Walter de la Mare, May Wedderburn Cannan, Ivor Gurney, Alice Meynell, and Edward Thomas. Read more