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About the Author Luigi Pirandello, playwright, poet, novelist and short-story writer, was born in Kaos, near Agrigento, Sicily on June 28, 1867. His works comprise several novels, hundreds of short stories and about forty plays, the most famous of them, 'Six Characters in Search of an Author.' He is generally regarded as a precursor of the Theatre of the Absurd, based on his audacious experimentation and attempts to bring down the theater?s fourth wall. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934 for his ?bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage.? He, however, remarked, ?I would gladly believe that this Prize was given not so much to the virtuosity of a writer, which is always negligible, but to the human sincerity of my work.? He died in Rome on December 10, 1936. Read more