Book Description

About the Author Ken Petersen and Shawn Smith, have a passion for helping others with personal organization and life planning. Similar to the experiences that many others have had, they had family members pass away without a plan and no legacy left behind. They rallied with their loved ones to organize final details and search for needed important information, an arduous task especially during a family crisis. Ken and Shawn made it their life goal to be completely prepared with their own personal records so that their families would not be left to search for their information. They were determined to leave a Legacy of Caring?. Wishing to share this with others, they developed the easy to use and concise My Estate Records Guide which organizes all of your important records in one place. Over the past 25 years, Ken has mentored couples and singles in the area of personal organization and life planning. Ken is also well-known for his commitment to training and education both personally and professionally. Ken holds a lifetime teaching credential, is actively involved in his church, and has donated countless hours to Habitat for Humanity. Shawn Smith is an expert in business and personal organization techniques and content writing. She has over 30 years of experience working for large and mid-sized firms assisting top executives in all aspects of business organization. Wanting to take her expertise to the public, she teamed up with her business partner and former co-worker, Ken Petersen, to create the most concise and easy to use guides possible for personal organization and life planning. Read more