Book Description

California Wills and Trusts uses a traditional case method anchored specifically to the California Probate Code. Included throughout are California Law Revision Commission comments and explanatory notes. The chapters are: •Freedom of Testation •Property Rights •Nature of Probate •Intestate Succession •Intent •Mistake •Components of the Will •Formalities• Codicils •Revocation by Act or Instrument •Revocation by Operation of Law •Revocation by Change in Property Holdings •Contracts •Unworthy Heirs •Identifying the Beneficiary •Exoneration, Abatement, and No Contest Clauses •Private Express Trusts •Charitable Trusts •Resulting Trusts •Constructive Trusts •Restraints on Alienation •Fiduciary Duties •Fiduciary Powers and Liability to Third Persons •Income and Principal • Modification and Termination of Trusts.