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Review Chapter 1: Copyrights and Intellectual Property. Chapter 2: Sources of Copyright Law. Chapter 3: What is Protectible Under Copyright Law? Chapter 4: Derivatives and Compilations. Chapter 5: What is Not Protectible Under Copyright Law. Chapter 6: The Bundle of Rights. Chapter 7: The Rights of the Public: First Sale and Fair Use. Chapter 8: Educational and Library Uses. Chapter 9: Artwork. Chapter 10: Musical Works and Sound Recordings. Chapter 11: Computers and the Internet. Chapter 12: Authorship and Ownership of Copyright. Chapter 13: Works Made for Hire. Chapter 14: Duration of Copyright. Chapter 15: Transfer of Copyright. Chapter 16: Copyright Research. Chapter 17: Copyright Notice. Chapter 18: Registration and Choosing Correct Application. Chapter 19: Preparing the Copyright Application. Chapter 20: Deposit Materials. Chapter 21: Processing, Correcting, and Canceling Registrations. Chapter 22: Copyright Infringement. Chapter 23: Defenses to Infringement. Chapter 24: Remedies for Copyright Infringement. Chapter 25: Resolving a Copyright Dispute Without Litigation. Chapter 26: Litigation. Chapter 27: International Copyright. Appendix A: Copyright Resources. Appendix B: Glossary of Terms. Appendix C: Copyright Office Circulars and Form Letters. Appendix D: Copyright Forms. Appendix E: Copyright Agreements. Appendix F: Sample Complaint and Settlement Agreement. Appendix G: Copyright Fees. Appendix H: International Copyright. Index. Read more About the Author Richard Stim, JD, is a practicing attorney and adjunct professor at San Francisco State University's paralegal program and an instructor of Intellectual Property Law for the Consortium for Advance Legal Education. He is the author of several legal texts on topics such as copyright law, music law, patents, and licensing inventions. Read more