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Review ?Susan Carle has done an extraordinary service. Her collection is sophisticated, challenging, and desperately needed. The legal academy is often sadly prone to treat the ethics of lawyering as an afterthought or a necessary nuisance. This smart collection of critical essays gives the subject the serious attention it deserves.?-Peggy Cooper Davis,New York University School of Law?Susan Carle?s book brings together the best writings on the more visionary and justice-seeking goals of the legal profession. Lawyers should serve society, clients at large, as well as clients in need. This book will be assigned reading in courses devoted to lawyering and social justice?it should be required reading for all legal professionals.?-Carrie Menkel-Meadow,Georgetown University Law Center?Lawyers and law students alike will benefit from this volume's strong and persuasive reminder that traditional ?good'?lawyering and a moral commitment to social justice can walk hand in hand. Teachers who want to remind students of why they came to law school?to leave the world a better place than they found it?will find this book a great asset.?-Richard Zitrin,author of Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law?Carle has put together an important collection of readings. This book will be a valuable addition to any course on the legal profession.?-David Wilkins,Harvard Law School Read more About the Author Susan D. Carle is Professor of Law at Washington College of Law, American University in Washington, D.C. Read more