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Review Illuminating report card on America's performance in carrying out its pledges since the conference in Rio ten years ago. -- Timothy E. Wirth, President, United Nations FoundationSpotlights new approaches to decisionmaking and incentives for stewardship. Business-as-usual puts the world we cherish at risk. -- Fred Krupp, Executive Director, Environmental DefenseThe authors offer useful suggestions on how to find a 'new world' of economic, environmental, and social harmony. -- John Stein, Director of Strategic Environmental Initiatives, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Read more About the Author John C. Dernbach is a Professor of Law at Widener University, where he teaches courses in environmental law, international environmental law, and global warming, among others. He has served on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, where he drafted and helped implement nationally recognized reforms. He is an internationally recognized expert on the meaning and implications of sustainable development. Read more