Book Description

About the Author Cyndy Caravelis is an Associate Professor at Western Carolina University. Her current research interests include the relationship between social threat and social control, the effect of inequality on crime, theoretical criminology, and the death penalty. Her research on sentencing inequality has been published in journals such as Justice Quarterly and the Journal of Quantitative Criminology. In addition to her academic endeavors, she has extensive field experience in the criminal justice system, including work as a legislative analyst, as a crime intelligence analyst, and as an academic instructor in both male and female correctional institutions. Matthew Robinson is a Professor of Government & Justice Studies at Appalachian State University. Robinson is the author of more than a dozen books on varied topics, including criminological theory, crime prevention, corporate crime, criminal justice, capital punishment, and the drug war. He is Past President of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Association and Past President of the Southern Criminal Justice Association. Read more