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Review 'Written in an admirably readable prose, this paperback volume offers a powerful explanation for the grand questions of proportionality. Likewise, it raises thought-provoking concerns about the suitability of proportionality schemes in various legal cultures. These questions and concerns should be equally addressed to the cheerful 'epistemological optimists', the EU lawyers who are destined to keep an enquiring comparative eye on American balancing.' Uladzislau Belavusau, Common Market Law Review'This is a brief book about a large subject that is admirable in its ambitions.' David Schneiderman, International Journal of Constitutional Law Read more Book Description Proportionality is currently the most important constitutional doctrine worldwide, spreading to every democracy apart from the USA. Although widely discussed, it has not been the subject of a thorough cultural and historical examination until now. This book compares proportionality with its counterpart in American constitutional law, balancing. Read more See all Editorial Reviews