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Review It appears that Dr. Kanovitz has outdone herself again. As a professor of constitutional law, and former user of her previous editions, the 14th Edition of Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice does not disappoint. As in her previous editions, this volume appears current and tailor made for the undergraduate student; particularly in the area of criminal justice; and specifically in the application of procedural criminal law. Of immense value to new students reviewing court cases for the first time is the inclusion of a case citation guide and sample case citations. Highly recommended. -Frank W. Andritzky, Political Science, Concordia University Kanovitz?s Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice text is an excellent companion to teaching traditional or online courses. Kanovitz walks the students through the complexities of Constitutional Law with relevant case law and modern applications. The two-part format with corresponding full cases included within the text is an asset to instructors and students. Well written. -Christopher J. Hall, Criminal Justice, Central Carolina Technical College I have used Jacqueline Kanovitz?s very fine textbook, Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice, for several years as the required text for my constitution law and criminal justice classes at Troy University. The book is among the best organized and useful that I have found during my 12 years teaching American constitutional law and criminal procedure. The book presents the subject in a clear and understandable way and certainly enhances and supplements my course lectures. In fact, I have actually used the book?s table of contents as a part of the course outline for a several courses. I look forward to making use of the 14th edition. -Ben A. Fuller, Circuit Judge, 19th Judicial Circuit of AL, Law, Troy University and Faulkner University Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice is written with the student in mind. Whether delivering class for an entry-level criminal justice student or a veteran law student, this text breaks down the many complex issues in constitutional law and makes them more understandable from a legal standpoint. Utilizing examples from case law and applicable situations, the text allows students to understand these concepts with little explanation. I highly recommend this textbook for any level course on constitutional law. -Colin McCaughey, Administration of Justice, Irvine Valley College Read more About the Author Jacqueline Kanovitz is an Emeritus Professor of the Brandeis School of Law where she taught for thirty years and served as Associate Dean for Student Affairs. She also taught at other law schools. She holds a J.D. (summa cum laude) from the University of Louisville School of Law. She is the recipient of numerous awards for teaching and writing excellence and has been a co-author of this textbook since the first edition in 1968. Read more