Book Description

From School Library Journal Grade 4-7 - The ultimate trivia browsing book, this volume offers a captivating collection of interesting, gross, and amazing stories and features that will seize the attention of children and keep them turning pages. The book opens with the legacy of Robert Ripley's cartoon series and chain of museums before dividing into chapters such as 'Beyond Understanding,' 'Amazing Earth,' 'Body & Mind,' and 'Wonders of Science.' Large color photographs illustrate segments on topics such as vampire bats, a public autopsy, bog snorkeling, and the winners of the dirtiest children contest. The book design leads readers' eyes from the captions to the rest of the text, which offers additional enticing facts. A thorough index adds to the appeal because of the number of celebrities mentioned. Sure to be popular. - Elizabeth Stumpf, Clearfield Middle School, PA Copyright ? Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Read more