Book Description

Review 'Just as psychological tests can double as artworks, so, too, can artworks function as psychological tests.' -Hyperallergic'This book is a fun and informative look into the world of psychological testing and, foremost, a terrific and entertaining way to explore one's own psyche.' - Publishers Weekly'The early 20th century saw a boom in experimental and beautiful, but ultimately fraught, diagnostic tests. Psychobook compiles them in a gorgeous collection.' - Wired'Reading Psychobook is like taking a whirlwind tour through the Age of Psychology, as seen through the visual designs that the headshrinkers left behind.' - Fast Co. Design'Readers of Psychobook will get a thrill from answering a series of questions - and will possibly uncover what their minds hold.' - New York Post'Psychobook would make a fine gift, suitable for any of us who feel compelled to know ourselves better but don't take such tests (or ourselves) too seriously.' -Psychology Today'Psychobook comprises an eclectic assortment of tests from the early twentieth century to the present, along with new artworks and whimsical questionnaires inspired by the originals.It's not immediately clear why this book exists, but it would probably look great in a therapist's waiting room.' - The New Yorker'Perfect for a curious friend or a therapist's office.' Read more About the Author Julian Rothenstein is the publisher of Redstone Press and an editor and designer. He lives in London, England. Read more