Book Description

About the Author Paul Erickson's mission in life is to be the world's foremost Tolkien parodist. Erickson was born in 1959, and has lived his entire life in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. He read The Hobbit in 7th grade, and then read Bored Of The Rings that summer. He spent most of his high school years playing Dungeons & Dragons and attempting to read The Lord Of The Rings. In college he worked at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, wearing tights and selling love songs. After earning a BA in Philosophy he went into banking. In the late eighties he performed song parodies in comedy clubs with ace guitarist Steve Ginensky. In the nineties he parodied slam poetry as part of Team Chicago, winning the 1991 Poetry Slam Nationals. In 2009 his banking career was cut short when his employer went out of business. Fortunately, by that time he had finished reading The Lord Of The Rings. While in line at the unemployment office, he realized no one in the US had ever published a parody of The Hobbit. He went to Starbucks with his MacBook and got to work, combining all his nerd knowledge of Middle-earth with his one real skill: writing parodies. In 2011, with the help of bestselling humorist James Finn Garner (Politically Correct Bedtime Stories) he published The Wobbit A Parody on Kindle. The Wobbit A Parody was discovered on the internet and published as a German paperback in 2012 by Piper Verlag. They published Erickson?s second parody, The Superfriends Of The Ring in October, 2013. Erickson's parodies are also available in Turkish and Russian. Read more