Book Description

From the Author 'The Holy Innocents' is the story of a Priest - Fr. Ambrose - whose whole world is turned upside down when his sister dies and his bishop wangles his departure from his parish. Suddenly the Priest has to confront a world he doesn't understand with the only thing he does understand: the loving and saving purpose of God revealed in the only way Fr. Ambrose knows how. Living in his car, he continues his ministry.The Priest is?an innocent unexpectedly thrust into the world as it is, where he seems to be an idiot. But there's something so loving, well-meaning, and even noble about him that he attracts misfits. Like Don Quixote, perhaps. Fr. Ambrose?belongs in?the long tradition of God's 'holy fools'. Somehow, God uses him to change the lives of others. 'The Holy Innocents' is very unlike other books?with Christian themes.?There's nothing Disneyesque about it. The gritty world Fr. Ambrose suddenly finds himself in is realistically presented. Some Christian readers might find the vulgarity and bad language in some sections of the book disconcerting. While the Gospel itself is by no means ridiculed, a number of modern Christian attitudes and trends are mercilessly lampooned. However, Christian and other readers will find a message of redemption underneath the humour. Read more About the Author Clive Clapson is a Priest who has served in the Scottish Episcopal Church since 1990. He says he is 'English by birth, Canadian by adoption and Scotch by absorption'. Read more