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From Kirkus Reviews Though billed as fiction, these funny, full-bodied, sparely styled, strongly etched vignettes of Laura K`s student days in upstate New York seem clearly based on the authors life, especially the pieces on Lauras debuts as a standup comic, writer/performer on Saturday Night Live, appearances on Comedy Central, and as a dark-humored writer for Roseanne. Early stories tell of eighth-grade misadventures as she (bustless) and her closest friend (overbusted) make idiots of themselves doing a ``Carwash'' dance number and are crushed when gonged off the school auditorium stage. At 15, when she still hasn't begun her menses, the school nurse and family nurse both tell her not to worry: ``And, really, what could they have told me? To leave a tampon under my pillow?'' Her mother, divorced from her father for 16 years (he's remarried and has kids), still sleeps with him on the sly. Her family takes in a Spanish student for three weeks; she doesnt get along with Laura and is shocked by their unfashionable houseafter all, theyre Americans. When Laura wins the high-school Spanish contest, she has to go to Spain and (unhappily) live with her former guest's wealthy family. Her days as a standup in Boston and working with Tom Arnold on his new TV show and on SNL won't leave readers in stitches but will have them gritting teeth at her stitches of pain. Kightlinger knows what it's like to be kicked hard and save her tears for the bathroom. -- Copyright ?1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. Read more Review 'Cutting and perceptive...she lets the funny come out in her rich detail.' -- -- Punchline'Memorable...her self-anger and introspection deepen this idiosyncratic and darkly comic debut.' -- The New York Times Book Review...her self-anger and introspection deepen this idiosyncratic and darkly comic debut. -- The New York Times Book Review, Susan Shapiro Read more See all Editorial Reviews