Book Description

Review Will attract any student and teacher and librarian keen to get a reasonably-priced all-purpose quick reference guide to some 3,000-4,000 terms regularly used in, and often found in, sources from and about the Middle Ages. (...) A dictionary, then, very clear to use, general-purpose as well as a useful desk-source for the expert, and suitable for the academic library where the medieval period is seriously studied. LIBRARY REVIEWA superb example of clarity and concision...with a generous and readable layout. TLS(Intended) to provide the enthusiast with a guide to medieval succeeds magnificently. (...) It is an invaluable resource. HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW Whoever reads about medieval subjects will wish to own this handy and reliable reference work, and all reference libraries should have it. INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF BIBLICAL STUDIESA very useful book. REFERENCE REVIEWS Has many good points; (and is) a pleasure to browse through. (...) More than fulfils its promise to be of assistance to any non-academic reader of history and as such should be on the shelf of all avid readers of medieval history. JNL of the AUSTRALIAN EARLY MEDIEVAL ASSOCIATIONThis wondrous excellent and accessible publication that would greatly enhance any historical collection. Read more About the Author CHRISTOPHER COREDON has also compiled the Dictionary of Cybernyms. Dr ANN WILLIAMS, historical consultant on the project, was until her retirement Senior Lecturer in medieval history at the Polytechnic of North London. Read more