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Review 'This encyclopedia is an extraordinary contribution to the literature of D-Day. Thoroughly researched, engagingly presented, and filled with useful insights, comments, and nuggets of valuable information, this is an indispensable must-have reference for all military historians.'?Richard P. Hallion, former historian of the U.S. Air Force and author of Strike from the Sky: The History of Battlefield Air Attack, 1911?1945 Read more From the Back Cover This authoritative encyclopedia provides detailed entries for everything you ever wanted to know about D-Day, the invasion of Normandy. Organized alphabetically, the entries give in-depth descriptions of weapons, equipment, divisions, air and naval units, geography, terminology, personalities, and more. Cross-references make the book easy to use. With hundreds of entries, D-Day Encyclopedia is an indispensable reference tool for history buffs and interesting browsing for readers who want to know more about World War II's greatest campaign. Read more See all Editorial Reviews