Book Description

From the Back Cover THERE ARE 59 MILLION CAT STORIES IN AMERICA. HERE ARE 496 OF THEM. There's Boots Hughes, the ankle-biter from El Segundo, California. Hogan of Salt Lake City-blood donor, ice cream fancier, all-around hero. 'Bad cat' Mojo Salvo of Arlington, Virginia, who loves soft expensive food that she washes down with fresh toilet water. Pixie of Balwin, Missouri, a loving calico who wakes her owner at 5:00 A.M. every morning with a fish-breath kiss. Not to mention Picasso DeProspo, Gluck, Spook Kessinger, Daisy Young, Giggles, and hundreds more. They're all the cats next door-America's loopy, feisty, bighearted cats, immortalized by their owners in one compulsively readable book. Read more About the Author John R. F. Breen is a pet lover from Durham, North Carolina, who one day got the funny idea of compiling a Who's Who of animals. 'My family thought it was a crazy idea,' he told The Denver Post, but he now works full time on the project, which is updated annually. He is the author of Who's Who of Dogs and Who's Who of Cats. Read more