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Review '...what we are offered here is an introduction to still relevant issues for students who, we must remember, are replenished perennially, in all their refreshing historiographical naivety ... the authors have succeeded in producing a worthwhile introduction to ?doing history? for the 21st century; and it is to be hoped that their book will replace some of those long outdated texts on historiography that reappear so depressingly in bookshops at the beginning of each academic year, presumably at the behest of tutors who are pleased to ignore more recent thinking on their subject ... Theory and practice come together here at last, and students reading the book will be exposed to exciting new possibilities.' - Beverley Southgate, University of Hertfordshire, UK Read more About the Author Mark Donnelly is a lecturer in history at St Mary?s University College. His research interests include contemporary culture, politics, memory and historiography. He is the author of Britain in the Second World War (1999) and Sixties Britain: Culture, Society and Politics (2005). His article on Peter Whitehead's film Wholly Communion will be published in the US journal Framework in 2011. Claire Norton is a lecturer in Islamic history at St Mary?s University College. Her research interests include Muslim-Christian interactions, conversion practices, Ottoman representations of war, identity construction and Ottoman literacy practices. She edited Nationalism, Historiography and the (Re)Construction of the Past (Washington: New Academia Press, 2007) Read more