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From the Back Cover A Guide to Your History Course What Every Student Needs to Know ? Vincent Alan Clark ? ? History students are like travelers in a foreign country.? They can benefit from a guidebook that provides them orientation, information about important sites, and helpful information for solving practical problems.? A Guide to Your History Course is designed to show them the way.? Some of the topics discussed are: ? Behind? the Scenes: the Historian's World (Chapter 3) How to Study History (Chapter 4) Using the Internet (Chapter 7) How to Participate Effectively in Class (Chapter 5) How to Write Research Papers (Chapter 9) How to Avoid Plagiarism (Chapter 12) ? ? ? Research Navigator TM? helps students make the most of their research time.? From finding the right articles and journals to drafting and writing effective papers and assignments, Research Navigator TM? simplifies and streamlines the research process.? It includes three exclusive databases: EBSCO's Content Select Academic Journal Database, The New York Times Search-by-Subject Archive, and Best of the Web link library. ? Contact your local Pearson representative for more details or take a tour at ? Pearson/Prentice Hall Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 ? Read more